The world's most dangerous walks to school

The world's most dangerous walks to school

First we discussed how lucky we are to live in NZ and how we should be very grateful for this. Then for each photo the teacher read an article the accomponied the photo.  There were many comments made by the children including..
"This is sad" "I never new that people that had school had to make such dangerous trips" "I can't imagine what it is like"
Children then had to put themselves in someone else's shoes.  They had to do this by describing what the journey was like. 
They did this by describing... - What did you see? -What did you smell and taste? -What were you thinking and feeling?

How full is your bucket?


Designing our own classroom

We have been redesigning our classroom. Here are some of our great ideas.  
Our brief was to make improvements to our physical environment. We came up with some very clever ideas that will be implimented.

Our First Day 2019

Today we set our classroom goal
Our class goal in Pitau 2 is for everyone to feel happy and safe.
We will do this by….

Showing respect to everyone Having fun Showing kindness and being caring Being creative Including other people Encouraging and supporting others Acting on our school values